Our roof cleaning service offers you the chance to add years and a refreshed look to your roof, especially after adding extra space with an extention, we can nearly always have your old roof and new roof looking the same, using  years of experience and expert knowledge, we will remove all moss and algae without damaging your roof.

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 Using the latest cleaning technologies we are launching our new Softwash

 cleaning service. Softwash is a gentle cleaning process designed to remove all moss and algae from roofs, rendering and even commercial buildings, giving your home or business that kerbside appeal. there is no risk of damage with high pressure or the need to climb all over your roofs. Soft washing is a simple scrape and spray method using no more than 100 psi, and once completed will change the look of your home or business.


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Pressure / Steam cleaning can regenerate even the most weathered and tired looking of outside areas saving you expense and the disruption of having to replace it, with our professional steam clean equipment and experience we can half the time it would take you, saving you valuable time to get on with the other things you enjoy. So not only do we clean, we will also replace all the pointing, we also re-stain or re-oil decking once cleaned, and we can even re-colour tired looking Tarmac and give it that just been laid look.​ We are a registered installer for Resiblock sealants company and have years of experience in this field.